About us

Coloseum Software started creating technology specifically for FFLs long before variances were in place to use software to manage firearms.

We did this in preparation for what was to come, knowing that it would take a company with personal insight into the industry’s needs, and a great deal of research and development, to be ready when the time arrived. Over 16 years, we’ve evolved our products to solve problems and close procedural gaps for all in the firearms industry, from pawn stores, ranges, retailers, manufacturers, and importers to police departments and Department of Defense agencies.

Coloseum Software believes in doing one thing, and doing it full bore. In 1999, we realized that there was no software application in the market space that was solving the rigorous challenges facing firearms dealers in managing 478 regulations, and we decided that we would do anything we could to fix that. Coloseum Software simultaneously began working on both R&D and trying to get the legal restrictions lifted that required dealers to ask for 4473 variances, which finally came to pass in 2016. We are very pleased to say that now all of the features of our technology can be used without obtaining a variance - now that ATF tests have proved the reliability of its record keeping, auto population, electronic signature, and other functions.

Our history


Conceptualized the AIMI eBook series.


Released the first generation of the AIMI eBook series to address complex regulations with an easy-to-use interface. Introduced the first ever compliancy software to the firearms industry.


Released the first AIMI eKiosk, where customers could complete their 4473s and submit them to the AIMI system... once the ATF allowed electronic 4473s. Incorporated FBI NICS background check into the AIMI system.


Released the first customer-facing eKiosk with Auto Attendant. Created a complex algorithm for AIMI to become a thinking application, so it could spot the common mistakes firearms buyers make. Added the 3310 form with auto check for five-day requirement.


Integrated a feature that would allow Massachusetts FFLs to fill out state forms electronically. Developed the first services to connect other states to offer this service to their state FFL holders.


Released the AIMI Pro Series for the marketplace, along with a more advanced eKiosk interface. Released the first generation of AIMI eBook Pro series with all the NFA forms.


Added open API for companies to connect to POS systems.


Released the second generation of the AIMI system; submitted the AIMI application to the ATF in Washington, DC, showing how Coloseum Software could eliminate the need for variances to use the 4473 electronic bound book; introduced electronic signatures for the 4473, requiring no printing of the form.


ATF removed requirement for dealers to have to get a variance for electronic bound books and gave limited approval for electronic 4473s; Coloseum Software released its 4473 to all firearms markets, allowing electronic signatures within the limitations. Implemented auto population for the NICS information.


Released the AIMI eBook Pro Dealer-to-Dealer, auto fax state and local forms. Released an API for the Microsoft RMS, working directly with Microsoft to connect the AIMI system to its POS. Added Spanish option to the AIMI eKiosk.


Introduced the auto fax functionality for the federal forms, allowing multiple handgun forms to be sent electronically to the federal government.


Received approval from the ATF for electronic signatures and auto-population. Released AIMI Pro 3 with advanced features for gunsmithing and manufacturing. Added the AIMI system to the Washington State system.


Released the AIMI eBook Pro series with application program interfaces (APIs) for POS systems. Released the first Mobile 4473 app for iPhone and Android platforms.


Released the AIMI eBook Pro series with application program interfaces (APIs) for POS systems for QuickBooks POS, giving more than 75 percent of the firearms industry the opportunity to have a complete system with the powerful features of AIMI. Released the first generation of Range Management for AIMI.


Released the AIMI eBook Pro series with application program interfaces (APIs) for offsite entry into the AIMI system by dealers who are in the field when they need to enter firearms. Launched a new eKiosk with NFA, Layaway, and Range Management features.


Released a new generation mobile platform for e4473 for iPhone and Android, as well as a new eKiosk. Released a new generation of the AIMI online apps to enable individual kiosks.


Received approval for the full use of the AIMI system without obtaining a variance! Coloseum Software celebrates with its partners and customers, and looks forward to providing the easiest, safest ways to do firearms business going forward.
Released a new generation of AIMI for stronger communications with multiple point of sale systems, including Intuit, Microsoft, and Lightspeed, as well as a better integration platform for POS integrations.


Releasing the most advanced compliancy technology the industry has seen, incorporating the most advanced existing technologies and some that have not yet hit the marketplace for even easier, faster, and more accurate and cost-effective compliancy.


After 10 years of development we released the most advanced A&D Cloud software. Keeping with the highest level of product development the AIMI Cloud is now open to all FFL dealers. With all new features and easy to navigate user experience, the AIM Cloud is the most advanced software for the firearms industry.


State integrations. After the successful release of AIMI Cloud we add addition state integrations that allow the state requirements to be easily managed.

What we do

Coloseum Software focuses specifically on advanced firearms inventory management systems, consistently working to increase the efficiency of doing business under regulation 478.

We intimately understand your business and know that consistency, speed, and reliability are paramount. With the AIMI system, Coloseum Software provides one constant for your operation, no matter the volume of business or the level of employee turnover. Our interactive software sets up in seconds and practically trains your employees on compliancy as they move through the screens and process customers’ orders, handling the 4473s and background checks automatically. Every person who uses the system will get the same results. AIMI is like having a full-time employee doing your compliancy, facilitated by your staff, regardless of their industry experience.

For sixteen years and counting, we’ve been pushing the limits of firearms technology and ideology. Whatever your role in firearms, Coloseum Software is building the future of this industry with you.