Range Management

AIMI Range Management is the first software of its kind, specifically designed for shooting ranges.

It can be set up in seconds and features the easy-to-learn interfaces that more than 10,000 AIMI system users have come to rely on, but it is specifically designed for shooting ranges. Though the software is simple to incorporate, its features are advanced, and both kiosk and mobile applications are available. The AIMI system provides a complete visual real-time status of what is happening at the range and incorporates an incredible reporting system not seen before in the industry that shows a range’s statistics, including lane usage, rounds down range, and maintenance scheduling. A lane can even be taken offline in the event of a problem. Users get access to a multitude of other functionalities, as well, including the ability to manage the range by its members, firearm rentals, lane rentals, and classes, among other categories. Also, reminders can be set up to send out membership renewal notifications and have customers conveniently complete the process electronically. With AIMI Range Management, both the facility and its members reap outstanding benefits.

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