AIMI Retail for Chain Stores

AIMI Retail for Chain Stores is built to meet the demands of multiple-store firearms management.

This high-end software performs at the level required by large operations. With the power of the AIMI Pro Series, retail chains can manage and scale their complete network, have a stronger platform for doing dealer-to-dealer transfers between stores, and run multiple kiosks. The AIMI system features a simple user interface and is easy to learn. It was designed with a deep understanding of the challenges multiple-store operators face; it was also designed with the industry-changing technology to solve them. AIMI Retail for Chain Stores can train an employee to do a compliancy at 99 percent in a very short period of time. In addition to reducing human resources training and payroll costs, it also drastically reduces errors. AIMI Retail can be the constant that helps multiple-store locations operate as one unit, and every employee to navigate the business’s POS and compliancy transactions the same way. Regardless of who is using AIMI Retail, the system performs the same functions the same way, giving chain stores the degree of independence and freedom from the compliance regulations that so many businesses are looking for. The system links to the FBI NICS, state systems, and a number of different resources so these transactions can be quickly and accurately completed. In fact, transactions through the AIMI system can be completed in four minutes and 30 seconds with 99 percent compliance. AIMI Retail for Chain Stores offers an undeniably fast return on investment with the ultimate ease of operation and deployment.

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