The AIMI Import API software was designed to make it easy for pawn stores and other retailers to maintain compliancy.

Using our application processing interface (API), stores can easily connect to the AIMI system to manage their network and use all of AIMI’s functions and features... without having to change their current system. Many firearms businesses know they have to upgrade their technology for compliancy but stall doing so because changing their current system across all stores is daunting. Add in the consideration of staff training and the thought becomes overwhelming. With AIMI Import API, stores don’t have to change their current way of doing business. They get the benefit of advanced technology by simply transmitting their data to our optimized system via our API. It couldn’t be easier. AIMI has a built-in importation tool that allows stores to transmit their data from their existing database in Excel or XML format. A simple-to-use wizard guides the process step by step, red-flagging data that needs to be put in the correct format. A green checkmark will show the files being accepted into the system. As long as the format is correct, it is possible for 10,000 firearms to be entered into the AIMI system within a matter of minutes.

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