AIMI and Firearms Manufacturers

More than 40 percent of AIMI users being Type 07 manufacturers under federal code 478.

In response, Coloseum Software has developed a great understanding and a level of expertise in creating products for manufacturing businesses. We specialize in technology as related to 478.123 of the federal code. The AIMI system is built specifically to make it easy for manufacturers to manage their firearms, allowing them to move thousands of guns into the system with the click of a button and quickly enter information about them. This is the fastest, safest way for beginning manufacturers up to the most advanced to submit their data to their ERP or other software. More than 10 million firearms have been processed using the AIMI manufacturing platform. Coloseum Software recognizes that manufacturers have a unique set of circumstances unlike those required of retail importers and other facets of the firearms industry when it comes to reporting. Our technology allows them to instantly provide information to the ATF for audits using our APIs (application program interfaces).

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