AIMI Custom Software

Coloseum Software offers customization for all of our Pro Series and higher application platforms.

This means businesses can not only get software built specifically for the firearms industry, but also enhanced for their particular company. The customization process allows us to go further into solving major pain points for any type of firearms business, including retail stores, chain stores, distribution centers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, and Department of Defense or law enforcement agencies. Whatever the needs are, our engineers can customize our AIMI system to work with any environment or develop any solution to make day-to-day operations easier while ensuring 100 percent compliancy. Coloseum Software has a library of more than 100 different customizations available that we’ve already implemented. Using these features, customization at the outset can be less expensive than working within an existing system to meet a company’s needs. We strongly advise businesses to learn more about our existing custom applications for entering into the compliancy market with us at a lower price point.

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