AIMI and SMALL Businesses

AIMI Retail for Small Businesses is designed specifically to give smaller FFLs the technological capabilities enjoyed by large dealers, at a budget-compatible price point.

With this easy-to-use software, now stores of any size can catapult their businesses to the next level. From the AIMI suite of products, this software by Coloseum Software connects the dealer’s QuickBooks to AIMI’s offsite system. This essentially provides the dealer with the strong IT environment of a large FFL without the need for the in-house infrastructure and IT personnel. Once the connection between the store’s POS system and AIMI is established, dealers can complete all of their compliance requirements at once, in real-time, during the sales transaction. The AIMI Retail for Small Businesses proprietary interface provides incomparable access to technology and compliancy at a cost that makes sense for smaller FFLs.

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