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AIMI e4473 Doc is a standalone or network software that allows FFL dealers to use the AIMI system for only AIMI eKiosk transactions. If you are looking for a simple solution to just process 4473 transaction, AIMI e4473 eDoc is the application for your company.
Change the way you do business today! Join the many FFL dealers already using AIMI eBook. Don’t lose customers to another store using AIMI eBook.
FUN FACT: All the customers we surveyed enjoyed the FFL dealers using AIMI eBook for making their next purchase. It is FAST and RELIABLE!.
A group of committed sports enthusiasts founded to fill the desire to offer a safe, secure, and quality eAuction site where you can buy and sell items. We feature collectible and non-collectible firearms, knives, ammunition, reloading components, sporting equipment and much more. Our eAuction site includes full compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations to make your experience with us exceptional.
AIMI Law was created to aid in solving firearms crimes. Our unique software allows real time data sharing of firearms data AIMI was designed to answer the question, "WHERE DID THE GUN COME FROM?" AIMI offers many more features for managing your department.
Many police departments across America are receiving firearms everyday. Most firearms are not involved in a crime. Found firearms are turned in, a widow will turn in her husbands firearms, citizens will have their firearms removed from their home for many reasons. These are NOT CRIME GUNS. After 4 years of research and trial we have discovered 96.6% of firearms taken into police departments across America are legal guns. We not only developed this software we had it field tested to prove the technology works. We removed all the worries for you.
EAIMI.NET was designed to help Law Enforcement and Firearms Property owners track their firearms. Everyday in the US firearms are surrendered to Police Departments, a growing problem. EAIMI.NET allows for Police departments to use an off-site storage facility to inventory the firearms property. EAIMI.NET is the first web interface and software of its kind.
Do you rent firearms at your shooting range? With this advanced software you will know where every firearm is at all times. This software works on touch screen for fast secure issues. You will be able to know who has what firearm anytime. Complete database allows you to keep an accurate history of all your rental firearms.
Our membership software allows you to print pictured membership cards to all your members. This software is geared toward Gun Clubs, shooting ranges and so much more. You can track when customers come in and out and notify them when their fees are due. There are many uses for this application.


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