The First Paperless E-4473

Coloseum Software released the first-of-its-kind eKiosk interface for conducting firearms transfers and making the E-4473 process paperless in 2002.

Since then, we have made significant enhancements, leading to the first eKiosk available to clients and more than 17 million completed transactions...

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The Most Advanced Virtual Map

The AIMI virtual mapping system provides dealers with real-time feedback of their firearms sales, showing the profitability of particular geographic locations.

Built into the AIMI system, this feature gives retailers a clear picture of how well they’ve penetrated certain markets...

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Dealer-to-Dealer Firearms Transfers

Dealer-to-Dealer Transfer gives FFLs the ability to easily communicate with each other and send data back and forth in real time.

This same technology allows them to link to Coloseum’s online auction site,

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Connect To The FBI NICS E-Check

Coloseum Software introduced the first interface available to connect to the FBI NICS E-Check in 2001 as the original concept behind our AIMI system.

Since then, we’ve continued to reengineer this software and have processed millions of background check applications...

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The First Mobile E-4473 Application

The most successful firearms businesses find ways to provide an enjoyable customer experience.

Now they can reap the benefit of a mobile application created just for them - the first ever mobile app for firearms processing...

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QuickBooks POS Integration

Coloseum Software developed a simple add-on that allows FFL stores to connect their QuickBooks POS software to the AIMI system.

This tool gives them the opportunity to operate their businesses with the same efficiency as large chain stores, at a fraction of the cost...

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AIMI and SMALL Businesses

AIMI Retail for Small Businesses is designed specifically to give smaller FFLs the technological capabilities enjoyed by large dealers, at a budget-compatible price point.

With this easy-to-use software, now stores of any size can catapult their businesses to the next level...

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AIMI eSign

eSign is a game-changer that only became permissible in 2016.

With an electronic signature, dealers do not have to stop partway through the compliancy application, print out paperwork, and get it signed by the customer before continuing...

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Driver's License Scan

The driver's license scan feature is available for both the eKiosk and mobile app,

as well as the AIMI core system. It utilizes a barcode or QR code to quickly capture customer information...

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Coloseum Multimedia

Learn more about Coloseum and the AIMI suite of products through our videos and commercials.

View a selection of our industry firsts and statistics to back up their effectiveness...

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Range Management

AIMI Range Management is the first software of its kind, specifically designed for shooting ranges.

It can be set up in seconds and features the easy-to-learn interfaces that more than 10,000 AIMI system users have come to rely on...

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AIMI Gunsmithing

AIMI for Gunsmithing meets the precise needs of gunsmithing operations.

Though very easy to use, it offers the most advanced features in the market space and provides the technology gunsmithing outlets need to connect to a POS in a small operation...

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AIMI for Pawn

AIMI for Pawn is the most streamlined process available for pawn stores to inventory firearms—in just one step.

This powerful software’s unique application processing interfaces let pawn stores continue to use their existing point-of-sale systems as their method of doing pawn acceptances...

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AIMI Retail for Chain Stores

AIMI Retail for Chain Stores is built to meet the demands of multiple-store firearms management.

This high-end software performs at the level required by large operations. With the power of the AIMI Pro Series, retail chains can manage and scale their complete network...

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The AIMI Import API software was designed to make it easy for pawn stores and other retailers to maintain compliancy.

Using our application processing interface (API), stores can easily connect to the AIMI system to manage their network and use all of AIMI’s functions and features...

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AIMI Offsite Entry

This web-based feature lets FFL dealers log in remotely and enter firearms data into their system.

Adding inventory from the field has never been easier. No workstation is needed, only online access. The encrypted, highly secure network allows instant transfer of data from any location...

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AIMI and Microsoft Dynamics POS

For stores with more than one location, or one location with a high volume of sales, the Microsoft Dynamics add-on and the AIMI system is the answer to compliancy and firearms management.

This customized solution offers a robust POS environment allowing for real-time viewing of what each location is doing and how it is performing...

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AIMI and Firearms Manufacturers

More than 40 percent of AIMI users being Type 07 manufacturers under federal code 478.

In response, Coloseum Software has developed a great understanding and a level of expertise in creating products for manufacturing businesses. We specialize in technology as related to 478.123 of the federal code...

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AIMI Custom Software

Coloseum Software offers customization for all of our Pro Series and higher application platforms.

This means businesses can not only get software built specifically for the firearms industry, but also enhanced for their particular company...

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Video Help Library

Get access to more than 50 videos 24 hours a day on all the features of the AIMI eBook Series.

Need to train your employees on how to use the AIMI system? With our dynamic library of easy-to-use video tutorials your employees can master the AIMI system in no time. Click on the Learn more button to enter the Video Help Library.

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About Us

Coloseum Software started creating technology specifically for FFLs long before variances were in place to use software to manage firearms.

We did this in preparation for what was to come, knowing that it would take a company with personal insight into the industry’s needs, and a great deal of research and development...

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